Transportation – Washington on the move! What comes to mind when you hear the word transportation? For most it conjures up frustration, waste, overruns, grid lock, lost productivity. Now when you get specific and talk to folks about the failed tunnel project in Seattle, which met with delay after delay, not to mention incredible cost […]


RACE – Character over COLORIn 2016 President Obama declared that we are going to pursue the end to cancer, I applaud this lofty goal for such a horrible disease, however there is another form of cancer that is equally as destructive to the fabric of society in which we all live and that is racism. As we […]

Education, it’s Time for a Renaissance!

ACTIONSInstitute full funding of Career and Technical Education (CTE).Consolidate CTE training to include all 295 school districts in the state to take full advantage of private sector job opportunities at graduation.Invest in first year teacher salaries.BENEFITSReduced drop out rate.Closing of the income gap.Increased involvement for young women in Science and Engineering.Closure of the racial learning […]

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy Oil and Coal are currently king on the energy markets, depending on your source of information oil and coal may be limited in their days as the primary source of energy, some estimates say we could begin to see a sharp decrease in oil as soon as 2025 due to current worldwide consumption […]