Bill Penor

for Lieutenant Governor 2020

Being born and raised in Washington, I believe in the spirt of our fellow Washingtonians to meet today's challenges and come together to get us on the right path for a brighter future!   

Hello, I am Bill Penor and I am running for Lt. Governor of the great state of Washington!

Professions include construction, timber, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting and public works where I have worked in airport management for 20 years. Through hard work I have learned the respect for a hard earned dollar.

I dropped out of high school in the 10th grade and immediately obtained a GED, thus began a journey that while unconventional by some standards has been an education that cannot be bought, experience gained through critical thinking, reasoning and goal oriented solutions are the rule, I believe that process has uniquely prepared me to address the tough issues facing Washington today.

Maintaining a positive spirit is of the utmost importance to me. Where many see problems and dead ends I see opportunities, opportunities to build Washington into the powerhouse it can be well into the future.

Please take a few minutes and dive deeper in to my views on how we can work together to make Washington great!

Other interests:

Washington Airport Management Association - Past Vice President and Board member

Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary - Board Member - Current

American Association of Airport Executives - Certified Member - Current

Washington Business Alliance - Member - Current

NOTE: The political opinions expressed by me are strictly my own and in no way are meant to reflect the opinions of organizations I am a member of or associated with unless otherwise stated.