In remembrance, I hope you will join me in the reflection of the incredible sacrifice that has made our nation strong and unwavering in the face of war. The brave men and women that lay at rest have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedom we hold dear, to speak freely and express our beliefs, disagree with one another and still remain resolute in the face of those who seek to defeat our way of life.

Indeed the very founding of our nation set the stage of freedom, as you reflect on the white marble head stones and those who have gone unaccounted for in wars past you realize that more than just treasure has been spent, the blood of our warriors should be held in precious esteem, if not for their courage our lives may have been very different today.

Please reach out to our active and retired veterans and their families, let them know we care and honor them, all gave some, some gave all!

God bless the men, women and families of our military.

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