RACE – Character over COLOR

In 2016 President Obama declared that we are going to pursue the end to cancer, I applaud this lofty goal for such a horrible disease, however there is another form of cancer that is equally as destructive to the fabric of society in which we all live and that is racism.

As we know the United States has had its dark days in the past with the issue of slavery, fortunately the good prevailed with the abolishment of the despicable practice, as our nation grew over the following 100 years race once again became a issue which brought with it riots, hatred and death in the 60’s, America once again became divided on the issue of racism and now in present time we see glimpses of the shadowy past in the form of racial tension attempting to sneak back in to our society.

It is estimated that there are approximately 280,000 black Washingtonians, in addition to being our friends and neighbors they are also Americans entitled to the right of living without fear in a lawful society, it should be up to all of us who believe in liberty and justice to lock arms with our fellow citizens and continue to beat back the tentacles of despair and move forward in lockstep as friends and neighbors to ensure that the rising tide lifts all boats.

It is estimated that the average median household income for African-American families in Washington is $18,000 less than the state average and 35 percent of black children are living in poverty, I believe education will play a direct role in breaking this cycle, through my plan for a education renaissance we have the opportunity to close the great divide of the wage gap and provide an even playing field for ALL young people regardless of their race.

Dr. King had a dream, and if you have the chance please look up Dr. Kings speech, if ever those words were relevant they are still resonating in today’s world and indeed here in our cities and towns, those words really apply to all of us equally, when you read the words contained in the “I Have A Dream” speech it is what we should be striving for, learning from the past and building a positive future for all citizens in Washington state.

As the grandfather of 2 very young black children I often wonder what their future will hold 20 years from now, perhaps this is a selfish interest of mine but it is past time to stamp out the last remnants of racism, dig out that cancerous act wherever it might be found, Hispanic, Asian, Black, White until we are resolute in meeting this issue head on none of us will be free.

As Lt. Governor I intend to use the office as a tool to shed light on the issues surrounding racism and equality, imagine the power we can generate by working together toward this common goal. I hope you will join me in this endeavor!

I have a dream………..

Please share with me your thoughts on this subject