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Here's my top 3 issues I'll address 

Money is being poured into cost overruns by the truck load and those in state government who support and have supported the ill fated projects are coming back for more. It's time to reorganize this approach.

Issues of Covid 19 and the sudden closure of schools threw teachers and students as well a families into turmoil. The lack of preparedness was sobering, essentially education in our state stopped cold with perhaps the exception of home schooled students.

Covid 19 doesn't care about you, your family, or your financial wellbeing. It’s here to wreak havoc where ever it can get a foothold and that is why WE have to stick together.

These issues are the start to getting our state on track and lead us and our children into a bright future of opportunity and success. If you want to take part in building a strong foundation keep scrolling and find out how you can share your voice. 

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Here are my thoughts on the current issues facing Washington State.

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Chris O.

He is a man that deeply cares about our state and wants all the residents families to prosper. Bill understands the trending issues facing our state and wants to solve solutions while holding Olympia accountable..

M. Villalobos

We need someone, who is willing to listen to EVERYONE and apply changes that will benefit and help those in need. I want someone, who isn’t afraid of standing up to people, who isn’t afraid of backlash, and who is willing to put up a fight against those who are merely puppets in a corrupt system. This is why I believe and fully support Bill Penor for Lt. Governor.

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